Mara Expert Activated Carbon sensitive

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  • - Brand: Hager Werken
  • - Product Code: MARAAK02
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  • 6.96€

Protection and teeth lightening in one – 2-fold effective formula for a natural tooth white and protects against pain sensitivity, ideal for teeth cleaning and light teeth whitening.

Natural white teeth – gentle bleaching for your teeth on a natural activated carbon base. The teeth are gently cleaned and get their natural white back

Fresh mint flavour – while coconut activated carbon powder only makes white teeth, our toothpaste with activated carbon can taste both well and conjure up white teeth.

✔️ For painful teeth – with the world's most used active ingredient – potassium.

✔️ MARA EXPERT Activated Carbon Toothpaste was developed for daily use to gently clean, brighten teeth and promote healthy oral hygiene.

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