Oral-B Oxyjet MD20 Irrigator

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  • - Brand: Oral-B
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  • 66.05€

Exclusive microbubble technology that strengthens and massages the gums.

Ideal for cleaning bridges, implants and orthodontic appliances.

2 speeds.

Pressure regulator (1 = soft, 5 = strong).

Includes 4 sprinkler heads.

Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet employs micro bubble technology to fight plaque bacteria. It combines air and water in micro bubbles to significantly reduce bleeding and bacteria associated with gum disease, when its use is combined with brushing.


The air filter, specifically designed, cleans the air with which water is enriched on the way to the mouthpiece. It is possible to control the water pressure, from 1 (low pressure) to 5 (high pressure), according to the user's needs. . The WaterJet has a 600 ml water tank.

Card disposal

Oxygen eliminates bacteria from the gum line and underneath it, while gently eliminating food scraps from hard to reach areas. OxyJet helps to protect the gums and was designed to improve the feeling of freshness and cleanliness of the mouth.

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