• Gingival Treatment Kit

Gingival Treatment Kit

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Treat your gums by keeping them clean and healthy with our Gingival Treatment Kit.

Created especially for those who want to prevent gum problems.

This kit includes:

 Kin Gingival Complex Toothpaste 

Prevents inflammation and bleeding gums.


Antiseptic efficacy of 0.12% chlorhexidine + Epantelizing effect of Alpantha (Allantoin + Panthenol complex);

Helps combat dental biofilm;

Tones the gums; Pleasant and colorless taste, 0% alcohol.


Antiseptic in: Gingivitis; Pre and post-surgery;

Root scraping and straightening;

Curettages and Periodontitis.

 Tepe Supreme Toothbrush 

Tepe Supreme brush has an innovative design with two-level filaments for improved access.

The longer filaments allow you to reach further between the teeth and allow better access along the gum line, while the shorter filaments allow you to gently clean the rest of the tooth surface.

An anti-slip handle with a pad provides a comfortable and secure grip.

 Kin Gingival Colutório 250ml Mouthwash 

The presence of dental plaque is the main factor in the development of the two most prevalent oral diseases: periodontal (which affects the gums) and caries. Digluconate chlorhexidine has proven anti-plaque activity.

Composition: Chlorhexidine digluconate: 0.12% Alpantha (panthenol allantoin complex)

Information: Its formula incorporates Alpantha, a complex formed by provitamin B5 (Panthenol) and Allantoin, which increases the absorption of both substances, thus increasing the effect and improving the state of the gums, helping to maintain healthy gums.


- Promotes the reduction of dental biofilm.

- Strengthens and tones delicate gums.

- Oral hygiene in periodontal procedures

Duration of treatment: 2-3 weeks or as recommended by the dentist

Instructions for use: Wash twice a day for 30 seconds, morning and night, with 15 ml of undiluted product. It is advisable not to eat or drink for at least half an hour after use.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. It is contraindicated in patients who have demonstrated a hypersensitivity reaction to chlorhexidine. Do not use beyond the period indicated by the dentist. Do not ingest. Without gluten.

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