• Orthodontics Initiation Oral Kit

Orthodontics Initiation Oral Kit

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The Orthodontics Initiation Kit is ideal for those looking for a range of products essential to oral treatment during orthodontic treatment.

This kit includes:

 Orthokin Toothpaste 75 ml 


- Cetylpyridinium chloride

- Sodium fluoride

- Xylitol

- Pro-vitamin B5 (toothpaste)

- Vitamin E (toothpaste)


Maintenance of orthodontic treatments. Helps prevent gingivitis and caries.


Protection of teeth and gums. Pleasant taste. Low abrasiveness.

 Kin Orthodontics Toothbrush 

Toothbrush with small triangular head that allows easy access to any space.

- Anatomical handle with grooves that allow comfortable handling.

- Incorporates a protective cover.

- V-shaped filaments facilitate cleaning of the supports, making it an ideal toothbrush for daily oral hygiene for users of dental devices.

 Orthokin Strawberry/Mint Mouthwash* 

Specific oral hygiene for users of orthodontic appliances, prevention and control of plaque and prevention of cavities.
Contains 500ppm of fluoride.


 Orthokin Wax 

OrthoKin Wax prevents nuisance friction and ulceration caused by orthodontic appliances.

 Pic-Brush Set Miradent 

Support of interdental brushes with a brush.

Ideal for cleaning: interdental spaces, orthodontic appliances, brackets and bridges.

Clip holder: for easy attachment to a pocket, inside or from the front.

Brush container: Clean and practical container for storing refill brushes.

Tip Angle: 120º angle of the conical connector for easy and safe cleaning.

Anterior Tip: Additional attachable function for cleaning anterior teeth.

 Pic-Brush Refills Orange  

Refills for Miradent Pic-Brush brush.

Pack of 6 pieces.

Accessories for Miradent interdental brushes, available in various sizes.

Interdental brushes help maintain the health of your mouth and gums by cleaning your teeth and removing food and plaque, helping to prevent gum disease.

If you are not sure which brush size is best for you, ask your dentist.

 Kin Care Gel* 

Bioadhesive oral gel, formulated based on natural extracts and humectants that favor the regeneration and hydration of oral tissue. It is especially suitable for the care of delicate oral mucosa. Due to its excellent mucoadhesive properties, a layer is formed that protects the gums and promotes a long-lasting effect and localized action.Kin Care Gel contains Aloe Vera, with epithelial action and widely used for its regenerating properties and hyaluronic acid, which contributes to regeneration and hydration of the oral mucosa membrane.


Hydrates, tones and protects the epithelial tissue of the oral cavity;

Protects and strengthens the oral mucosa in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances.


Protective and regenerating effect of the oral mucosa;

High bioadhesiveness.


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