• Kin B5 (Maintenance Toothpaste and daily use) 75 ml

Kin B5 (Maintenance Toothpaste and daily use) 75 ml

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The accumulation of dental biofilm is mainly responsible for gingival pathology (inflammation and bleeding of the gums).Therefore, it is very important to use specific products daily that control dental plaque and strengthen gums.


Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC)

Zinc Citrate

Provitamin B5

Vitamin B3

Xylitol: 10.00%

Sodium fluoride: 1450 ppm F-

 Information GingiKIN B5 is a complete line indicated for daily care:

- Helps control dental biofilm, anti-plaque protection

.- Strengthens and tones the gums, antioxidant and revitalizing action

.- Prevents cavities and strengthens tooth enamelPrevention and daily maintenance of gums, patient with poor plaque control and prevention of caries.It has the benefit of the epitilizing and toning effect, due to Provitamin B5: it helps in the regeneration of the mucosal epithelium

.Antioxidant effect thanks to vitamin B3, improves capillary micro-circulation and stimulates the formation of collagen.

Anti-plaque protection, due to its content in Cetylpyridinium chloride, broad spectrum bactericidal antiseptic and also with zinc salt.

Remineralizing effect + anti-caries effect due to sodium fluoride and xylitol

.How to useBrush your teeth for 2-3 minutes, at least three times a day, preferably after each meal and before going to bed.

WarningsSuitable for people over 12 years old. Do not ingest.

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