• Mirafluor C 2in1

Mirafluor C 2in1

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A high quality toothpaste with amine fluoride for maximum caries prevention, which also includes Mirafluor C 2in1 dental floss with chlorhexidine.

The compounds with amine fluoride are characterized by the significant ability to reduce dental plaque. The use of the mirafluor toothpaste with amine fluoride (1,250 ppm) increases the concentration of fluoride in the saliva, thus inhibiting the development of cavities. With the use of the mirafluor toothpaste c, the amine fluoride spreads rapidly through the oral cavity, evenly covers the surfaces of the teeth with a homogeneous molecular layer and distributes fluoride where it is most needed. The consistency in film form creates a layer on the teeth that prevents fluoride from being quickly eliminated by saliva.

Mirafluor C 2in1 provides complete daily oral hygiene - including interdental spaces - with dental bleach impregnated with chlorhexidine digluconate (0.3%). The special formula of dental floss directly applies chlorhexidine to critical areas within the tightest interdental spaces. Chlorhexidine digluconate has become the gold standard of antimicrobial substances, helping to prevent tooth plaque formation and bacterial buildup. If patients are advised to use the dental floss prior to the mirafluor c toothpaste, they may benefit from the effects of both the amine fluoride and the cationic compound chlorhexidine.

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