• Oral Prevention Kit

Oral Prevention Kit

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Keep your teeth strong and healthy with our Prevention Kit. Created especially for those who want to prevent dental problems and maintain a balanced and problem-free oral health.

This kit includes:

 Mirafluor CHX Liquid Mouthwash 

Mirafluor chx is an oral elixir solution with chlorhexidine digluconate (0.05% CHX) for cleaning, care and protection of the oral cavity. The solution also contains a light fluorination (250 ppm) and a natural sugar substitute, xylitol. In addition, this solution contains hamamelis, a medicinal plant used by North American Indians. Mirafluor chx does not contain alcohol and is extremely well tolerated by patients. The mirafluor chx liquid is ideal for preventing bad breath, dental plaque, cervical cavities and inflammation of the gums. This combination of ingredients also promotes a significant reduction of methyl sulfur compounds on the back or surface of the tongue, thus preventing bad breath (halitosis).

 Clinpro Tooth Crème 

Toothpaste with 0.21% NaF, remineralizing power (TCP) and high amount of fluoride (900 ppm).
  • Indicated for patients with moderate to high caries risk.
  • Contains very soft abrasives that allow to remove stains, but that do not damage the enamel.
  • Prevents caries.Contains F, Ca and phosphate, which protect teeth.
  • Releases 4 times more F than a conventional paste.
  • Remineralizes the white enamel spots.Do not rinse after tooth brushing with this paste (CHX mouthwashes or other types of mouthwash must be prior to brushing).
  • Do not use more than the size of a pea.

 Tepe Supreme Toothbrush 

Tepe Supreme brush has an innovative design with two-level filaments for improved access.

The longer filaments allow you to reach further between the teeth and allow better access along the gum line, while the shorter filaments allow you to gently clean the rest of the tooth surface.

An anti-slip handle with a pad provides a comfortable and secure grip.

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